Jim McCallum

Author “Irwin Toys: The Canadian Star Wars Connection”

Jim McCallum started collecting vintage Star Wars in 1992. Jim considers himself a MOC focused collector with a good knowledge on Sears multi packs. Jim once owned the largest collection of US Star Wars Proof Cards.

Jim authored the book “Irwin Toys: The Canadian Star Wars Connection”, the most definitive guide to Canadian vintage Star Wars toys.

Jim is now the co-owner of the largest vintage collectible comic store in Canada, Guardian Comics, and is an advisor to the Overstreet comic book price guide.

We are excited to have Jim join us at May The Force Be With You to share his deep knowledge of Canadian Star Wars collectibles and variants.

1.30 - 5.00 PM

Saturday Oct 22

Panel Discussions

Exploring the history of Kenner Canada with George Irwin (Irwin Toy CEO), Brenda Young (Irwin Toy Translator), Scott Bradley (Canadian Star Wars Gallery) and Jim McCallum (Author). More info to come...