Stephen Geddes

Sculptor, Kenner 1977-85

Stephen Geddes was a Kenner sculptor from 1977-85. He worked on many iconic toys and figures such as Dagobah Playset, Taun-Taun, Rancor, Hoth Luke figure and Ben Kenobi 12-inch figure.

Stephen's Dagobah Playset sculpt is iconic not only because it's a great depiction of the Yoda's home, but because he sculpted in the names of his daughter and wife into the intricate vines of the hut.

At May The North Be With You, Stephen will show all these hidden easter eggs in the Dagobah Playset and will be available to autograph your playset. Plus, find out which other Star Wars toy Geddes added his hidden name to.

9.30 - 12.00 PM

Saturday Oct 22

Panel Discussions

Panels featuring early Kenner employees Jim Swearingen and Stephen Geddes. More info to come...