Scott Bradley

Creator of “The Canadian Star Wars Gallery”

Scott Bradley has been a Star Wars fan and collector since he first saw the movie in 1977.  Scott created the website: “The Canadian Star Wars Gallery” and his main collecting focus is on items produced/released in Canada from 1976-1986.

He has been involved in the hobby for decades, presenting at various Star Wars Celebrations, writing articles for collecting magazines, supporting various book/website projects and participating in various Star Wars-related podcasts. If it’s Canadian and Star Wars-related; Scott is interested!

1.30 - 5.00 PM

Saturday Oct 22

Panel Discussions

Exploring the history of Kenner Canada with George Irwin (Irwin Toy CEO), Brenda Young (Irwin Toy Translator), Scott Bradley (Canadian Star Wars Gallery) and Jim McCallum (Author). More info to come...