Guest Announcement: Roger Christian

 Guest Announcement: Roger Christian

We’re very proud to announce Roger Christian as a special guest and speaker at May The North Be With You!

Roger won the Oscar in 1977 for Best Production Design for his work creating the iconic “lived-in” Star Wars universe we’ve all grown to love. He was Star Wars’ first Armourer, designing and building Luke’s lightsaber, Han Solo’s blaster, Chewie’s bowcaster and the Stormtrooper rifle (among others). Using surplus military and airplane scrap, he also created the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit and Luke’s Landspeeder. Mr. Christian worked along side George Lucas in Tunisia, designing the look and feel of Tatooine . Oh, and he helped make R2-D2 too.

Years later, Lucas tapped Roger to become the Second Unit Director for Return of the Jedi.

Roger will be attending the full MTNBWY convention weekend, including the Friday dinner, Saturday convention and Sunday’s Toy Show. He will be available for autographs and has promised to bring some surprises you’ll only see at MTNBWY!

May The North Be With You is a collector-run convention and toy show taking place just outside Toronto from August 4th to 6th, 2023. Follow our FB or IG pages for more info.