Convention Exclusive Custom Figures

 Convention Exclusive Custom Figures
Star Wars Peter Cushing in Slippers Figure, Grand Moff Tarkin

Check out these amazing custom Star Wars figures that will be available exclusively at the May The North convention! 

Hand cast and painted by Clint Garniss to match the look and feel of Kenner’s original Star Wars figures, each figure has movable arms, legs and head. They include Canadian Pyramid logo cardbacks and come in bubble clamshell cases so they look just like carded figures.

Along with the Cantina Band Member and a regular Grand Moff Tarkin. , we’re super excited for the Peter Cushing in Slippers figure with MTNBWY cardback! Cushing wore slippers for most scenes because the Moff Tarkin boots he was given hurt his feet so much. That’s why we never see images of him below the waist! 

These figures will only be available on Saturday, August 5th at the May The North Be With You Convention in Oakville, Ontario. There will also be a Star Wars Toy Show at the same location on Sunday, August 6th.