George Irwin

CEO of Irwin Toy

George Irwin started working at the family business in 1972 as a Junior Salesman.

In 1976, just before work on Star Wars began, he becameĀ  Product Manager and then was promoted to Senior Brand Manager in 1981 and VP of Marketing & Product Development in 1983 and eventually became CEO in 1991.

We are honoured to have George at May The North Be With You. This opportunity to speak with someone with first person knowledge of Kenner Canada history is truly amazing!

1.30 - 5.00 PM

Saturday Oct 22

Panel Discussions

Exploring the history of Kenner Canada with George Irwin (Irwin Toy CEO), Brenda Young (Irwin Toy Translator), Scott Bradley (Canadian Star Wars Gallery) and Jim McCallum (Author). More info to come...