Guest Announcement: Jim Swearingen, Kenner Prototype Designer

 Guest Announcement: Jim Swearingen, Kenner Prototype Designer

Jim Swearingen, the Kenner toy designer behind the first 12 Star Wars figures, will be returning to May The North Be With You this August in Oakville, Ontario. Jim’s Kenner resume also includes designs for the original X-Wing, TIE Fighter and both the 3.75” and 12” Boba Fett figures.

If you missed his panel at Celebration London, you can check him out at MTNBWY. But, instead of battling thousands of other Star Wars fans to get a glimpse, you’ll be able to meet Jim in person, get a free picture and have your favourite Kenner item autographed (small fee for autos apply).

Jim has been a great supporter of MTNBWY. He was one of our first panelists, stayed long into the night mingling with everyone and added a good chunk of his autograph revenue to our Sick Kids Hospital fundraising. We’re so pleased to have him back again for the second MTNBWY.

Jim Swearingen will be joining us for our ticketed dinner on Friday evening, speaking and signing during the Saturday convention and signing during Sunday’s Star Wars Toy Show.

Tickets for MTNBWY are limited to less than 100. This is what makes our convention different from every other con. This year we’ve added a Star Wars Toy Show on the Sunday (open to public). This year’s convention will be taking place from August 4-6 in Oakville, just outside Toronto. More announcements to come!